Q. Can Chevron provide finance?
A. Yes. We offer two highly regarded finance facilities – UDC Finance and Finance Now. And our full time Business Manager is here to help our customers with every step.

Q. What does a warranty cover and do I really need one?
A. Our comprehensive Warranty will cover you from bumper to bumper.
Whilst you will receive your new vehicle from us in top condition, we cannot see into a crystal ball.
Modern vehicles are very sophisticated and also very reliable, but the thousands of service centres throughout New Zealand are testament that things can and do go wrong.
We strongly recommend you future proof your investment with an extended warranty at a cost of approximately $10 - $12 per week.

Q. What does a warranty cost?
A. Pricing for warranties varies. We therefore invite you to call us and discuss the best options for you. Typically they cost approximately $10 - $12 per week.

Q. What sort of warranties and insurances are offered by Chevron?
A. Chevron Quality Cars works with Provident Insurance and AMI Insurance to help protect what we understand is likely to be one of your biggest assets. Together we offer a wide range of options and we encourage you to talk to us.

Q. What are your interest rates?
A. Finance rates are variable and typically start from 9.95-14.95 % depending on the application and vehicle. Our finance partners UDC Finance and Finance Now and are both certified responsible lenders.
Please click here to view their terms and conditions for lending.

Q. What vehicle can I truly afford?
A. Our Business Manager can help you secure pre-approval for a vehicle on our yard so you can have confidence in your buying decision.

Q. What will it cost me to transport my vehicle from Christchurch to where I live?
A. We transport vehicles all over New Zealand, often. Please call us for a no obligation door-to-door quote at our trade pricing.

Q. I don’t want the paint or fabric to fade on my vehicle. How can I prevent this?
A. We offer a product called Gardx, which is a revolutionary product designed to help protect your cars paint and fabric from the harsh environment. It guarantees a lifetime warranty and is so good that every BMW in Europe is sold with the product. So talk to us and we can provide you a quote and facilitate application.