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If you need a loan car for the day, it may be available with your booking. The cost is $25 per day, which goes towards the insurance, depreciation and fuel costs we incur while using our vehicle. We understand this might not always be the ideal answer, but it does cost us a lot to maintain these vehicles for your use. If you have any issue with this, please bring it up before accepting or dropping off your vehicle.

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Jamie Ferrari
Managing Director

Jamie joined Chevron Quality Cars in March 2014. Leading his team, drawing on the talent Jamie has developed through his extensive sales and management oriented career.

Studying Science and Technology in preparation for a degree in Mechanical Engineering Jamie’s goals and aspirations quickly changed when he found himself working for a local car retailer at the age of 19. Instantly recognizing the opportunities the industry could provide, Jamie’s career path was set in stone from here. This particular role is one Jamie describes as the ideal preparation for his achievements as he was able to learn from the ground up and have direct involvement in all aspects of the business, which included sales, grooming and a service department. The culmination of this business knowledge, sales talent and people skills have ensured Jamie was right as he relishes a successful and rewarding career.

Jamie’s information sharing and supportive approach make him a well-respected and popular Sales Manager amongst his team. Jamie thrives on the interaction with clients and his team on a daily basis and loves the family values and wealth of knowledge now within Chevron.

Married to wife Keta and father to their 3 beautiful, sports oriented children, family is the most important thing to Jamie. His motto is ‘famiglia dapprima’ which in Italian means ‘family first’. Jamie is also fiercely disciplined in the gym, where you will find him lifting weights typically between 5am and 7am most days.

Nick Purvis
Sales Manager

The family at Chevron Quality Cars would like to welcome back Nick Purvis to our sales team. Nick has been involved in the motor industry from a youngster with his family business Smithburn Motors where he learnt from one of our import industry pioneers his father Jeff Purvis.

Before he had his licence he was changing the yard round and has earned his name as the "One man yard change" His first memory was his father allowing him to drive his Mother’s car into the show room. One rule was no touching the accelerator pedal so he had to turn the wheel to get the power steer to generate some slow forward movement.

This installed passion and has seen Nick owning a countless number of vehicles over the years.

He currently has a Nissan R34 GTR and a Mazda Rx7 FD ( First Rotary ) in his collection after emotionally parting with a Subaru WRX and Mitsubishi Evo 6.5.

Alongside his passion for cars, Nick certainly knows food and the best places to go and during Covid he became quite the gamer with new found boredom buster playing Call of Duty.

Nick is a great asset to the team and is one of the most genuine and nicest chaps you will meet. No question is ever too small and no job to big.

If you are looking for a vehicle of any sort and price range don’t hesitate in giving Nick a call for some genuine and helpful advice.

James Herriott
Yard Executive

James joins the team at Chevron in 2022 as our yard hand. He graduated University in 2017 with a bachelor of science in geology.

Despite this James' heart has all ways been in cars. He recalls a time in his childhood when his father would take him around the city to different car yards to see all the cars, he had picked out of the newspaper classifieds the day before. Beginning a lifelong obsession with anything on four wheels.

When James' thoughts aren't about cars you will often find him thinking about them in a much smaller scale. He is often adding to his ever-growing Hot Wheels collection much to his partners disappear. A collection he one day dreams about turning into full scale.

James enjoys much of his time off out attempting to regain control of his garden with the help of his cats Percy and George.